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When was the last time you booked for a solar panel cleaning? On the Gold Coast,  solar panel cleaning once or twice a year will improve their efficiency by up to 40%. This can save you big dollars on your electricity bill each year. Some manufacturers may request a clean once or twice a year so as to not void your warranty. Keeping your panels clear from debris will also extend the longevity and reduce maintenance costs of your home solar panel array.

Why choose us to clean your solar panels on the Gold Coast?

Having your solar panel system cleaned regularly will increase its efficiency by up to 40% more. We clear around your solar panels where needed to prevent birds and other animals from nesting under them. We use our PURE WATER SYSTEM not soapy water, a broom or washer and squeegee.

Warning: Cleaning your solar panels with detergent may void the warranty.

Where the Here To Help Clean Gold Coast solar panel cleaning process leaves your panels free from any impurities helping you to get a maximum 100% power saving out of them again. Additionally, It will improve the longevity of your solar investment and reduce maintenance.

Do Solar Panels Oxidize?

When you leave bird & bat poo, leaves, pollen, traffic pollution, salt, dust for too long it can increase oxidation permanently damage your PV Cell and Panel potentially costing you thousands to repair and replace. Not to mention the reduction in efficiency to keep your electricity bill low.

We use some of the best equipment in the world to get your solar panels squeaky clean which in turn makes them last longer too. We inspect your roof and advise of any areas of damage or concern. We supply before & after pics so you can see the difference our work makes.

Gold Coast solar panel cleaning
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Communication & Punctuality is key

At Here To Help Clean we believe communication is crucial to keep our clients happy and in the loop at all times with what is happening. You will receive a text message the day before to confirm your job is booked in for the following day. On the day your job is booked in as our team member starts to travel to your job you will receive another text message advising you they are on their way and how many minutes until they arrive. We’re fully insured and always work safely on your roof. We also take care to not damage your roof or gutters when we are carrying out our work. After your service has been carried out, we will follow up with a text message letting you know when your next service is due.

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